What our clients say about us

Testimonial: Beatriz Mirão

I started at Exuberantideia Language School last year, and the classes have helped me to improve my grades in English and Portuguese. My reading and writing skills are better even though I still make some mistakes that will eventually get better with time and practice. In the classroom, I have access to two different ways ...

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Testimonial: Diogo Tavares

I’m 17 years old, I came to Exuberantideia in November 2014. I came to the school because I had too many difficulties. Now I’m much better thanks to the classes, the teachers and the colleagues because all of them help me to improve. Becoming a student in this school was one of the best decisions ...

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Testimonial: Maria Inês Mendes

I became a student at Exuberantideia 5 years ago, when its name was Pingu’s English School. All the teachers who taught me made the way of learning English much easier for me. I really like to learn English here, because not only do we learn and practice, there’s also time for fun. Maria Inês Mendes – ...

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Testimonial: Vladyslav Mikytiv

I am in the 8th grade, and I started classes at Exuberanteideia when I still was in the 7th grade, because I was having difficulties with English, at the public school. Since then, my grades increasingly became better and better. The classes are fun, it isn´t that type of class that’s boring (just subjects and more ...

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Testimonial: Fábio Neves

The Exuberantideia school helped me overcome several obstacles in the English language. After 3 years of courses my English knowledge has improved considerably since I started the classes. The way of teaching at Exuberantideia is, for me, the most appropriate, because the classes were always pleasant and objective, covering current and interesting topics. Fábio Neves ...

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